Meditation is to Know Yourself.  
The more we are able to build a practise of meditation, the greater we can show up as our authentic self and live a more purposeful life. Meditation helps separate that which we are from that which we are not and gifts us immense clarity to navigate our experiences.  To be in a state of meditation is in fact our natural state, and to be at peace is our natural state of mind. In a world of distraction, disturbance and heightened stress the benefits of Meditation expand far beyond good health. Some of the greatest pioneers today testify that meditation is the sole reason for the guiding intuition and success they have experienced. 

All Meditation is guided and followed by Mantras.

-O F F E R I N G S-

 Meditation Sessions are 1 hour* (*longer sessions may be requested).
Each meditation may be combined with any other offering and can be practised at any time of the day. 

Beginners Mindfulness & Meditation

Mindfulness is a very simple form of meditation. It is the practise of paying attention to whatever is happening in this moment, without judgement or expectation. This practice allows us to experience the present – the only moment in which we are truly alive in. As we begin to appreciate each moment for what it is – whether good or bad, we start to detach ourselves from worrying and begin to change our relationship with our experiences and ourself.

Beginners Mindfulness & Meditation is suitable for corporate workshops.  

Heartbeat Meditation

A specific tailored meditation that uses the Light Source to connect us to the cells of our body to release any ties to imperfect health or unwanted thoughts. We shift into an equanimous state of being present with our physical matter and healing and releasing old bonds.  We also begin discovering the impermanence of our physical body as part of Shiva/Shakti and shift our sensitivity towards limitless consciousness, whilst creating new patterns in our lives.    

Chakra Meditation

The body has seven chakras or "vortex wheels", which are vital energy centers. We will connect, clear and energise each Chakra point which are the catalysts of consciousness and human function. Each Chakra has it's own color and vibrational frequency which govern various emotional issues, survival instincts, self-esteem and our ability to communicate and experience love. They are also connected to passion, creativity and drive. When each Chakras is healed, balanced and connected to the flow of Universal Energy we may operate at a higher frequency as a whole. We begin this meditation with basic asanas and pranayama.  

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An ignorant person will not find peace whether by doing or not doing, but the wise one, by knowing the Truth, he not only finds peace, but becomes peace himself. 
― Chapter 18, Verse 34 | Ashtavakra Geeta