Cha Dao - The Way of Tea

Cha Dao -‘'The Way of Tea'’, is a path to the meditative mind.
A Tea Ceremony is a dance of the elements. The earth, fire, water, air and Qi of Tea, come together to create space for meditation and reflection. As we rest in the space of our true self, we are able to cultivate inner harmony and an awakened presence. We learn of Tea as a plant teacher, which connects us to the energy of nature through the Leaf. As we drink, we are guided and healed from our mind, body and spirit and rejuvenated with clarity and peace. 

-O F F E R I N G S-

A Tea Ceremony is normally held in noble silence with light guidance. Each session lasts from 1-2 hours and at the end there will be space for reflections, questions, and sharing. A Tea Ceremony can be held at any time of the day.  The goal is to simply inspire, share loving-kindness and create a safe space for self-cultivation through the practice of Cha Dao. 

A Tea Ceremony is for all ages and does not require any previous meditation experience. 
All Teas used are Living - Organic. For more information on where to purchase Tea please visit Global Tea Hut to learn more about Light Meets Life. 

Community Tea Ceremony


There are often monthly Community Tea Ceremony events happening around Hong Kong. These are donation-based offerings to share the quiet and nourishment we need while living in such a bustling city. The funds are donated to charities, street sleepers and those in need in Hong Kong. 
If you would like to offer your space or organise an offering at your venue, please get in touch below. 

Please check the calendar below to find out when the next Community Tea Ceremony will be held. 
Your seat must be reserved in advance due to limited spaces.

Private Tea Ceremony Meditation


Auspicious Occasions, Birthdays, New/Full Moons, Celebration, Rites of Passage, Baby Blessingway, Bachelor/ette Gathering, Wedding Shower, Sacred Union, Healing, Conflict Resolution, Grief and Loss Ceremony, Community Social & More.

This may be offered as one-on-one sessions or group gatherings (up to 8 people*). As we gather in heartspace to commune with the Leaf, we learn about this plant as nature's medicine and connect deeper to the harmony within ourselves. Tea is the bridge to the meditative mind and in ceremony she heals, nourishes and opens us to our highest way of being, gently aligning us with the Dao. 

*Larger Groups on special request. 

Corporate Workshops


Many of the world's leading companies offer Meditation practices for their employees. Bring Mindfulness and Meditation into the workplace with a 'Mindful Tea Ceremony Workshop'. Tea provides a way to simplify our lives and creates space for connection and great clarity in high-energy environments. Meditation is key for a balanced daily approach to successfully pioneer numerous requirements. This workshop is suitable for a team or individuals and may be tailored as part of a company's wellness program. 

Sharing tea with Resham was an inward journey of unfolding. It began with sitting in silence with a few strangers, and with each cup, more understanding came through, emotions, thoughts, and acceptance. Strangers and sisters had their own journeys. At the end, we were connected, with ourselves and each other. A very interesting and serene yet soulful experience. Highly recommend this to those who enjoy meditation, deepening connection with self, or simply a new way to tune out of the daily hustle and in to you.
- Ying Han Cheng, Coach, Bestselling Author of You Only Live Once (YOLO) Life and Business Style

Gathering & Retreats


A Tea Ceremony is a beautiful addition to a Gathering / Retreat or part of a ceremonial offering to bring community together to create space and set intentions. Tea connects all kinds of people as a community and expands individual consciousness. By being mindful and present we then gain clarity about our own life, shed blockages and navigate towards living as the most authentic version of our higher self. Sharing Tea as Morning Meditation and gatherings and retreats is a sacred way to begin the day and gently wake up together. Resham has facilitated in serving tea to large groups at Spiritweavers Gathering (US), The Garden Gathering (HK), and IRIS Wellness Festival (HK). 

For enquiries about Community Offerings please check the calendar and events section.
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