Spiral Spaces

Spiral Spaces is a platform dedicated to Conscious Evolution.


Throughout time and nature the shape of a spiral is one that represents a path of growth, new beginnings and connectivity. Spirals are one of the oldest symbols, humbly revealing the constant change in life as we evolve to better kinds of understanding. The ancient Spiral would represent the expanding Universe whilst also expressing peace, tranquility and higher platforms of vibrational energy through spirituality. It is a common shape in the sequences of nature from galaxies to shells, sunflowers, DNA and storms. 


Offerings of Cha Dao Tea Ceremony, Meditation, Sacred Rituals and Gatherings are shared to create an expanding container of harmony, healing and nourishment in a busy world. The effort is to cultivate a community from heart-connection, and align each individual to their truth and purpose, so we all may serve humanity with our highest potential and our most authentic state of being.  Spiral Spaces operates in the integrity of universal consciousness and celebrates all who raise awareness and practise ways of living in greater harmony with our planet Earth .


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